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I recently purchased a vehicle from Joe at Prime LIne Auto Group. Suffice it to say I was ambivalent about buying a used car from a dealership. Joe completely changed my perception of the entire experience. He was professional and sincere from the beginning. Joe was informative about the car and gave us plenty of decision-making space. He is friendly in an authentic way and seems genuinely happy just to have met you. When I decided to purchase the vehicle I had been looking at, Joe took all of the anxiety of paperwork out of the equation, making it an enjoyable and seamless process. We drove quite a distance to purchase the car from this dealership, and I feel it was time well spent. Thank you Joe and Prime Line Auto. I am delighted with my purchase.

Susan Mei

in the last week

I am VERY fond of my motorcycle, and the price is EXACTLY where I wanted to be. Saw the motorcycle advertised and sent an inquiry email. Joe (sale mgr) responded quickly and professionally. Eric & Joe made me feel welcome and I believe they will stand behind their inventory. From me to you, if interested in a motorcycle, look up Prime Line Auto Group Inc.'s impressive inventory, (which is a clean location that has a great selection with some cars too) make a call or send an email and get the ball rolling. You will not regret it - I know I don't. Here is a picture of mine the day I was bringing her home. Joe was also decent enough to take time out of his day to ensure my motorcycle was fastened securely to the trailer. Thanks Joe!!


3 weeks ago

The inventory looked great. Prices are reasonable. Joe Tirone was very welcoming, he gave me and my brother time and space to look at the motorcycles in peace. He was straightforward with details & did not try to push hard for the sale in any way. Other dealerships could learn a lot from them. Great experience overall.

hanuman srinivasan

4 weeks ago

I recently purchased a vehicle from Prime Line, specifically from Joe. He was easy to deal with and forthcoming. The process was smooth, painless and fast. I am very satisfied with my purchase after a couple weeks. I would definitely buy a vehicle from them again and recommend others doing so as well.


a month ago

Good buying experience. No sales pressure, no haggling ( but surprisingly Joe himself gave us a reduction even though we didn't ask for any). No hidden surprises ( like defects you find after buying the car). I feel these are genuine people. The car I bought is a used one, so of course its not perfect, but not a lemon at all. Overall the price was good. I would certainly recommend this dealership.

pravin chitnis

2 months ago

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